Sunday, November 12, 2006

ROM Bones

Animal skeletons from the ROM bone room (not open to the general public). The room was so small and packed that we had to split into three groups, each with only about two hours to draw. The assignment was to do a 5 minute sketch followed by a longer study from a different angle. I've got three 5-10 minutes sketches and 2 longer studies. I completed one later using my block-in and photo reference I took.

More Life Drawing...

Trying new and different ways of drawing and slowly getting myself back on track...

This is either a 30s or a 1m, followed by 2m's.

First Life Drawing of Year 2

Pretty rusty... I didn't do any life drawing over the summer.

People tell me they really like the 30 (above), but it's my least favourite. No one really likes the 2 minute blind one (below), but I do. Brian had us all try these different exercises including blind drawing, memory drawing, and left-hand (or other hand) drawing. It's pretty cool but unfair to mark us based on something we've never done... and giving us only 2 tries.

I love these ten second dwgs... never drew so fast before. The first dozen were crap but I got my rhythm by the last few.