Monday, April 30, 2007


Muzzle and Beak Synch Clean Up. I posted an earlier version of just the muzzle promising a completed version with the beak later, so here it is.

MAYA Head Rotation

Modeled in Maya 7.

A better res still.

Experimental Life Drawing

Two figure tonal gesture, total 5 min.

Drapery and tonal experiments, 20 min each.

Gestures that didn't make it

These gestures didn't make it into the portfolio for various reasons, but I still like their overall feeling.


Some life drawing monsters. The idea was to morph the model into a non-human creature but still maintain the original pose. The pig is a little stiff but I like the tone. My better drawings are up on the wall in the Animation wing so I wont' get them back anytime soon. I do have photos of them but no access to them until mid-summer. Oh well.

Yr 2 Sem 2 Life Drawing Portfolio II

10 minute drapery, and then three 5 minute tonals. Last one on some very rough paper. I included the first three in the Dreamworks portfolio.

Yr 2 Sem 2 Life Drawing Portfolio

Gestures & some drapery for the final Yr 2 portfolio. Got better grades than I expected so I decided to include the first and third here in the Dreamworks scholarship portfolio.

Digital Paintings, Western Theme

Digital painting of a layout for my Yo-Yo leica reel story. I'm thinking of actually turning that leica into a finished film, so I've been holding off posting it so I can post them together. Both of these I included in the Dreamworks scholarship portfolio.

Experimental digital painting for an animation background. Experimental because there was no linework or roughs, I just went at it. Set up for the beak and muzzle animation. Somewhat similar staging to the Princess Bride's Cliffs of Insanity, which is where the original audio is taken from.

Lollipop Layout

Gouache. A little old, it's from 2006. I wanted practice designing a layout for someone else (Rachel's Lollipop story) and working under those constraints. It was good experience designing to support a scene, maintain continuity, and match a style.