Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wolfman and Frank get a beat down

Our 3rd year Group Film "Monster Bash" turned out better than expected, and the team came together really well in the end. Hard work, but fun. The other 3rd year films turned out really well too. Good job everyone!

These are scenes 51-64. This film has consumed most of my waking hours these past four months (and stolen many sleeping hours too). I've got a few other scenes I may post later but these are the bulk of it.

It's mainly my work (animation, layout, design) but I had a some great help from Trevor (character closing and coloring), Garrett (BG painting, robot painting), Martin (Compositing and lighting), Alvin (Compositing and lighting) and Alex G (design). The Sheridan faculty gave a lot of good feedback and advice too (Natalie, DQ, Komza, and Tony). The 3rd Yr group film experience often gets a bad rap but I've learned a lot this year, and despite the stress and frustrations, it was a really good experience. It's what you make of it.

And no, the bike isn't 3d. It's just drawn in Flash. Actually most of this is hand-drawn full animation (on 2's) with selected use of symbols for efficiency (though most folks won't notice unless going frame by frame).


alexandre said...

great film man! best of luck for next year and i'm sure you'll pull o ut some amazing work.


Nat said...

awesome :)