Wednesday, January 31, 2007

First one up for 2007

Now that we're in the new wing, teachers have now put up new life drawings in the display cases. Brain took two of mine but only one made it up. Not my favourite and certainly not very elegant but it was a fairly difficult foreshortened pose.

I'm honoured to be included in the display case with such better artists. I must admit I've been concentrating on a lot of other things besides life drawing so I'm happy to know I haven't lost the touch. Well, according to Brian anyway. You be the judge.

Edit: These portfolio pieces didn't make it to the wall.


jurffy said...

hey it's pretty good ben, i think i saw better from u though, keep it up!

Riè said...

I like the foreshortening on the leg. Nice job. :D

Letz said...

yes, i know u can do better but in terms of portportion, struture, etc. its all there. keep it up ben