Thursday, January 31, 2008

Group Film Story Reel

It's been a while since I last posted. Mostly I've been very busy working on this. Hope you enjoy it.


Our group basically junked what we had at the end of last term because it wasn't working as well as we wanted. We ruthlessly cut everything until we had it down to just one basic idea. Then we rebuilt it all in less than three weeks*.

On Thursday January 10th, Alex G, Jinhee, and myself took the one idea and came up with the new premise. Then Jinhee, Martin, and myself storyboarded it several times with the first thumb reel by the 16th. Jinhee, Alvin, and myself cut the final reel and added the latest sounds on the 29th, but Martin, Andrew, Laura, and Mena contributed a lot on earlier versions.

The rest of the people were mostly on the design team, please see our group film blog for some samples.

*It's arguable that we shouldn't discount all the work we did last semester; after all, it told us what direction not to go.

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Oliver Dominguez said...

Love the story!! Very nice.